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Who is your competition?


More often than not the question is asked to budding entrepreneurs and their startups that who are your biggest competitors! I always wondered is it the company who is offering similar kind of product, cheaper services or doing aggressive marketing! The answer is quite simple when you have to answer to an investor to present established target market.

Frankly, to build a high-value product, it is actually your target customers who are the biggest competitors. These are the customers who are reluctant to change and believe in the value of your product. They always find a reason or two to not to work with you.

So how does one overcome this competition?

The best way to deal with customer competition is to work very closely with the early adaptors and making sure that the promised value is delivered.

Focus on your strengths and not on the conventional competitor companies and their products.

As you get your early adaptors on board and in sync, they become the business champions, storytellers and your sales team.

Energy spent on customer retention is directly proportional to win new customers.

If your marketing budget is more on acquiring new customers than building value for the existing ones, then you might want to rethink your business plan from a sustainability point of view.


Comfort zone..

Comfort zone

The beauty of dark
Pleasure of being blind
I am easy and no will
I swim with the tide
I am proud of my comfort zone

Every day I dream the same
I drive the same road
I watch the same bird
I enjoy the same fresh air
I am proud of my comfort zone

My rainbow has one colour
Grass is greener on my side
I am encyclopaedia of my world
I am ruler of my kingdom
I am proud of my comfort zone

Within the four walls of fame
I enjoy an unknown pain
Nothing done for a while
Nothing new in the file
I am proud of my comfort zone

Choice is yours..

7 things crazy sales reps do


  1. They listen and listen and listen and then suggest the best and honest solution to the problem
  2. They care when it really matters
  3. They believe in value proposition and not a response to RFP (Request for proposal)
  4. Humour is their best tool to engage with customer
  5. They don’t lose a customer but always win a relationship
  6. They do WARM call; not a cold call
  7. They leave a long-lasting positive vibes

And we thought they only do numbers 🙂

7 Traits of crazy people


  1. They are self-driven, then don’t wait for an action to happen.
  2. They plan. Planning is not to glorify their vision but a reality check of what they could do or could have done better
  3. They don’t complain, they come up with the best possible solution
  4. They are habitual of change, they move on and believe that change starts with self.
  5. They are emotional but bluntly honest when getting in terms with the circumstances
  6. They don’t ask, they lead by example
  7. Most importantly the word Procrastination is not in their dictionary

Guess who are they?

What do you think of Nokia’s strategy?

This was way back in Feb 2011 when I wrote this blog about Microsoft buying out Nokia. No, I am not astrologist.

Yogesh Wagh's Blog

Taking up this from LinkedIn poll

More than Nokia who are already in distress I think it is Microsoft who are now catching the boat. I feel it’s going to be a horizontal integration for Microsoft business who may seek majority stake in Nokia in due course of time. Its a huge hole which got created by Nokia’s poor performance and then got filled up with patches by other unorganized players and of course by RIM and Apple ‘ECO’ system .

Stephan Elop is talking about Eco system and I am not sure how much he would have control on that, as Microsoft would see that as their strength and not Nokia’s. Worst scenario would be Nokia just rest in peace as mobile device provider. Only way to get out of this mess is bringing revolution and not repetition of technology. Nokia got to make very dynamic, substantial and innovative…

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We don’t buy, we get sold

ImageThe Fountainhead, published in 1943- One of the characters named Gail Wynand runs news paper publishing house. Just trying to understand his thoughts and seems nothing has changed in news publishing since ages. News reports like rape, murder, politics have always been main drivers for business and this is what every news channel around the world does which in fact encourages dirty minds to repeat the same crime by reading those nonsense articles. I may be wrong but publicizing crime only encourages the crime and not otherwise.

This is what Ayn Rand‘s Gail Wynand says in 1943- The public asked for crime, scandal and sentiment. Gail Wynand provided it. He gave people what they wanted, plus a justification for indulging the tastes of which they had been ashamed. The Banner presented murder, arson, rape, corruption—with an appropriate moral against each. There were three columns of details to one stick of moral. “If you make people perform a noble duty, it bores them,” said Wynand. “If you make them indulge themselves, it shames them. But combine the two—and you’ve got them.” He ran stories about fallen girls, society divorces, foundling asylums, red-light districts, charity hospitals. “Sex first,” said Wynand. “Tears second. Make them itch and make them cry—and you’ve got them.”

Irony is, this is what we do in real life, many of us don’t buy, we get sold.

Review – April Rain, Aundh Pune

April Rain ReviewI am not an expert in writing restaurant reviews but I am foodie and have layman’s perspective about April Rain. After reading couple of reviews, I was quite excited to visit this place. I entered the restaurant around 10:00 pm, it was not really crowded being Mahashivratri on Sunday. As soon as we (me and my wife) got in, I quite liked the ambiance and overall interior, tall ceiling gave an airy and roomy feel. Tables were quite spread out with sufficient distance in between. My expectations were quite high by now; I was hoping to get pleasantly surprised considering branding effort they had outside the restaurant. Not many regular restaurants brand itself with their Chef; of course all 5 start and above do that.  We were ready to get stunned and after a while, maybe in 2-3 minutes as we entered there was weird smell in the air, dampening smell, something of that sort hard to explain. We had a choice of sitting up on the raised floor or downstairs. We chose upstairs, I really liked the stairs; steps were very comfortable to climb. Good, if you have elderly people climbing up.

And we chose the corner sitting; I was about to say that air-conditioning is really good and my wife as usual advanced saying it is pretty cold here. But to be frank it was very comfortable if you compare this with places like Green Park (AC seat out). The Table we chose had arrangements for 4, so waiter decided to remove additional two chairs. Dish placed in front of me was awful, shabby job by dish washer and even poor supervision by manager.

We were settling down and here comes the menu card, not really a long list that you would expect in self-proclaimed world cuisine restaurant  So we thought of taking some expert advice and then we were told that everything in the menu is the specialty and could be customized to meet our taste. For a while, I felt like Indo-Global world cuisine. We took safe bet and ordered for main course, no soup and no entrée, why? Because you have only 4-5 options to pick from, frustrating, especially when you are trying a new restaurant.

The Main Course: Chettinad Chicken Curry, Soft Roti and Rice. If you are sweet tooth and not a dhaba or road side Kolhapuri food person then I would strongly recommend to AVOID this dish. This came out to be extremely spicy and hot (Although, we were promised to get lesser hot version). I believe this is how an authentic Chettinad taste should be, so it scored quite high on that. Got the kick of all raw spices like dagad phool, whole red chillies, cinnamon, cloves etc. Surprisingly, April Rain doesn’t serve South Indian breads (dosas, appams etc) with South Indian curries. Anyway, getting in to the details: Chicken was not cooked well at all, there was no consistency; even with limited portion chicken pieces, those were hard and rubbery. Roti: The first set of Soft Roti that we got was hard, blackened and cold. There was deep feeling of frustration and loss of hope in that environment.

Overall it didn’t rain in April, it was a Mirage.

New Year 2013

New Year 2013

Here we are in 2013. Since I woke up in the morning and looked out of my window, nothing has changed outside. I could hear the same noise of auto rickshaw, honking buses, twittering birds and even society cleaner was right on time today morning. As usual even 2012 was mix of emotions, drama and surprises. Many of us failed, succeeded and few of us did nothing.

On a refreshingly positive thoughts: For those who kept doing mistakes, 2013 is the New Year to make it right. For those who spoiled it completely and felt unfortunate, 2013 is the brand New Year for CTL+ALT+DEL. For those who were undoubtedly successful, 2013 is coming with the new challenges. Thank you to those who made it a better world and best wishes to those who are striving to make it even better.

Be good, be human! Everyone deserves a better chance.  

From an average to world-class software

First of all we don’t have to build the software for scientists or by typecasting users into a particular category. We are all human. Rather, it’s even more challenging to build the software for naive users. And that’s the way it should be! I mean software for all.

I believe there are no more than 6 action points to move the software from average to world-class category. And it is possible without even adding a single new feature.

1.   Make the software extremely light; no more busy or wait button

–  No one wants to wait, not even the person in waiting room

2.   Make sure software is not crashing and even if it is, then make sure user know why it has crashed

–  There is nothing wrong in being honest but being mysterious is horrible

3.   Start over from where you had left it

–  Everyone hates to going back to the square one, bring in smart session saving

4.   Assist with utmost interactive and simple to understand help and tutorials

–  Nothing is valuable if not understood in the right way. Remember beauty lies in simplicity.

5.   Provide troubleshoot functionality and avoid support emails which are really pain to write

–  Even the most dumb person loves to sort out his problems on his own, that makes him proud

6.   And the last, update the software even before user finds out that it had a bug (Do THOROUGH and FULL development cycle testing)

–  Do not ever think software users are your official testers, keep in mind that they are the source of “Word of mouth” marketing

After reading Greg Smith’s highly awakening article ( I am doing a Reblog of this post, all Salesmen and CEOs- are you listening, put your customers first in whatever the heck you are doing.

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Know you customer I am sure many of you would have faced these questions, if not within the organization then at the places    where you have been interviewed. And if not then you are working or applying in tummy filled and highly (overly) satisfied organization.
Alright, not stretching it further, here are the common questions:

  1. What do you think is the next thing in market?
  2. Tell me one thing which you find is changing in the industry and how will you tackle that?
  3. What will drive the business and how far?
  4. How would you make sure the bottom line and surpassing the top line?

I think the single answer to all above questions is Customer or if I may say Customer mind. The whole industry has moved its focus from product to services, technology to technology services, solutions to services. Wait a minute, that doesn’t mean there are no product companies, no solution…

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